Playing with Tarps

Yet another configuration of the Golite ponch tarp

Looks like thunder!

Yesterday, Sunday 10th June. Alistair and I had a wander from the top of the road running up through Masongill. We parked the car as the metalled road turns into a rough track. This is known as Turbary road, and leads past a fine set of open potholes. We stopped after  a mile or so to cook lunch and brew up. I put my Luxe mini peak 2 up while Alistair played around with different tarp configurations. the sun shone and we both laughed as he tried to improve his pitch with his Golite poncho tarp.

After a while we headed up to the top of Gragareth.. The view northwards was rather black and looked like it may thunder. We then dropped back down steeply  towards Yordas Pot and cave and back to the car on Turbary Road

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2 Responses to Playing with Tarps

  1. al says:

    I’d like to say you caught me unawares, but that would be a lie. Not my best side! Was good a good laugh trying out the poncho-tarp and spotholing.

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